Kinghighway is a D.I.Y. skatespot under a bridge in St.Louis, Missouri, USA. Built by local skateboarders. We Skateboarders come together here & build whatever is on our minds to skate. With this motivation in the right direction STL can have a bridge as good as Burnside, or FDR!! We own the tools/knowledge to move barriers & build ramps. It"s all about being creative and having fun! WE NEED HELP!! Bring cinder blocks, dirt, rock, rebar, concrete, mason mix, tools, and work!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Get Hyped!!

Hermann's Hole Bday Bowl Bash 4!!
June 9th 2012!!! 
The admission will be a $10 donation to Hermann's Hole which will include camping with bathroom and cook tent access, automatic entry into the "Best Trick of the Day" and "Best Slam of the Day" contests, skating and all day concerts.
Everyone must sign a waiver upon entry and no one under 18 will be admitted with out a legal guardian. No Guns, Fireworks, Dogs or bad vibes allowed. Hermann's Hole reserves the right to deny entry or remove anyone as they see necessary.
This year we will have over 10 bands including:
Texas Trucker Speed Fiends
Shr3d Crust
Well Well Well
Pink Sock
Pizza Party Massacre
Friday Maybe Saturday
Left Holding the Gun
The Thunder Lizards
and more TBA...

For an additional $5 donation you will be able to enter all 3 of the Main Events:
The Hermann Hole Bowl Jam
Mini Bowl Jam
Best Trick on the Street Course

We will also be having several fun mini games and raffles for prizes going on through out the day for a $1 donation including:
Dirt Board Races
Mini Bowl Cone Races
Find The Drain
and more...

For directions check these links closer to the event for the address:

Please email for info on setting up merch, food or informational booths at the event.
Also there will be surprise guests, product tosses, fireworks and a special tribute to our fallen brother Rob Dixon.
Please feel free to forward this post around and spread the word! Good times will be had at this Epic Event!!! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sustainability – Industrial Strength Sustainable Design, Construction, and Operation for Industrial Facilities Anarchist Skate Punks Occupy St. Louis via Guerilla Urbanism Posted on May 10, 2012 Reid Small, owner of The Void Skate Shop, introduced me to the Kingshighway Skatepark last year and it has been on my mind ever since. Why? What does a 30,000 square foot DIY Skatepark in St. Louis have to do with sustainability and industry? Consider how the skatepark came to be. Located under a viaduct in an easily overlooked residual space created by our modern transportation infrastructure, it has been used as an illegal dump and a really great place to burn mattresses. Discovered while scouting for skate spots, a group of skaters set about the work of cleaning up the space and transforming it into an amenity. Work included graffiti removal using recycled paint from Habitat for Humanity and a maintenance/construction/housekeeping program requiring participation in exchange for the privilege of skating. City inspectors discovered the work, and with no complaints from area businesses, the allowed the skatepark to stay. They even provided a dumpster to support the effort. With the viaduct and skatepark scheduled for demolition in 2012, the skaters have gone on to form a 501c3 and are currently working with the city on future projects. The lessons here for sustainable site selection is clear: Be resourceful. Look for the potential of brownfields and of previously developed sites in metropolitan boundaries. Instead of writing off a site due to perceived constraints, reconsider these constraints as opportunities and advantages for a project. Develop a means to integrate the community of stakeholders, local government, non-profit organizations, and private enterprise . Go beyond just mitigating the effects and make it a project goal to improve environment by means of the construction or new building. Interested in seeing a complete photographic tour of the park? You will find them here.

Sunday, May 20, 2012