KHVT is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the construction of free public skateboard parks in the St. Louis, Mo. area, and to promoting skateboarding as a fun, healthy activity for both youths and adults.

KHVT was founded in support of the Kinghighway D.I.Y. skatespot, built between 2009 and 2015 by local skateboarders under the South Kinghshighway viaduct. When "the bridge" was demolished in July 2015, St. Louis was left with no free public skateparks. Since then, KHVT has built one new park, the Peter Mathews Memorial Skate Garden, and is working to create even more. Donations of time, labor, materials and money are welcome!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

***WARNING*** Falling Rock!!!!

Due to the extreme temperature changes recently the freeze/thaw is in effect at the Bridge and the Ceiling is once again falling. Be careful if you go there and avoid parking in the lot under there if you value your car.
It would be safer to just not go there for awhile until the weather gets better.

Why may concrete deteriorate from freeze thaw actions? 
Deterioration of concrete from freeze thaw actions may occur when the concrete is critically saturated, which is when approximately 91% of its pores are filled with water. When water freezes to ice it occupies 9% more volume than that of water. If there is no space for this volume expansion in a porous, water containing material like concrete, freezing may cause distress in the concrete. Distress to critically saturated concrete from freezing and thawing will commence with the first freeze-thaw cycle and will continue throughout successive winter seasons resulting in repeated loss of concrete surface. 

New BOOB at Kings...

Big thanks out to Simon!! His motivation got this done!!! 
Also Major shouts out to the Show Me Pools crew and everyone who helped out including all who attended the No Coast fundraiser!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pump Bump Progress!!! HELP WANTED!!!

The new pump bump in the bowl is almost ready to pour!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to No Coast for the fundraiser to build this thing! So far looks like it will come super mellow down the center pillar and across the floor to the middle and T off with a twinkie on the end. Still plenty of room for you figure eighter's over the D box and the door is still open for all you vertwall pushers as well. 

Tomorrow, Thursday January 19th 2012, we will be at the bridge from around 8am until putting the rebar and finishing touches down to get ready for the pour on
Friday, January 20th 2012.
For details about exact times for the pour on Friday check our Facebook page here after tomorrow around noon when the Crete delivery is finalized.

Depending on the weather it should be ready to roll by MONDAY!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

KHVT STL Skatepark update...

Some of you may have heard about KHVT's move to purchase an LRA property on Morganford. After attending and presenting to several of the area's Neighborhood Associations, meeting with Alderman Howard several times, and meeting with the STL Parks Directors over the last 6 months we were able to get approval and recommendations from all that we met with including the Director of the Street Dept.
We then approached the LRA about the property that the neighborhood suggested would be a good fit for a skatepark. It turned out that the land had recently been an old gas station and the city paid to have the gas tanks and everything removed so that it would pass all EPA standards. This cost the City a lot of money. We low balled the offer we made to them as per the advise of our co-conspirators and the local officials. The LRA did not budge... They would like around $38,000. We were hoping to Spend around $50,000 on the whole project! After donated material and volunteer labor we would still be cutting it close. 

So its back to the drawing board for a bit on the Morganford park but now Alderman Howard has vowed that "this will happen" in her ward so that's good. She is currently looking into some other options as far as a possible lease situation.

We have also been pursuing other areas of the city as well and are currently working on a deal through Wash. U in the Grove neighborhood. Several properties have been identified for possible donation to KHVT. They are very excited about the possibility of adding a skatepark to there neighborhood and would like to be the First in the city!

With all this going on we still need help at our Kingshighway park. We still need to pick up trash and paint over the graffiti. We will be working on the pump bump this Sunday and hopefully pouring it next week. For more info on upcoming build days email us at

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