Kinghighway is a D.I.Y. skatespot under a bridge in St.Louis, Missouri, USA. Built by local skateboarders. We Skateboarders come together here & build whatever is on our minds to skate. With this motivation in the right direction STL can have a bridge as good as Burnside, or FDR!! We own the tools/knowledge to move barriers & build ramps. It"s all about being creative and having fun! WE NEED HELP!! Bring cinder blocks, dirt, rock, rebar, concrete, mason mix, tools, and work!

Friday, December 28, 2012

*****DANGER!!!! BEWARE!!!!!*****

The bridge is especially crusty during these times of year... The bridge is from 1936 and has endured this long but barely... This is why they will be tearing it down within the next year and a half.

Freeze and thaw action causes chunks of concrete to fall from the roof sometimes. Be careful while skating down there or even better stay away till the low temps are done for the season. Definitely do not park your car under there if you value it...

More info on freeze and thaw...

Freeze-thaw action is when water seeps into a crack in a rock or concrete, as the temperature drops below freezing, the water freezes and expands causing the crack to enlarge. The ice then melts into water again as the temperature rises above 0 degrees C. This action is repeated until the rock or concrete breaks.