Kinghighway is a D.I.Y. skatespot under a bridge in St.Louis, Missouri, USA. Built by local skateboarders. We Skateboarders come together here & build whatever is on our minds to skate. With this motivation in the right direction STL can have a bridge as good as Burnside, or FDR!! We own the tools/knowledge to move barriers & build ramps. It"s all about being creative and having fun! WE NEED HELP!! Bring cinder blocks, dirt, rock, rebar, concrete, mason mix, tools, and work!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Help design the garden!!

(click for larger)

KHVT is currently working with some local gardeners near the new skate garden site to get an idea of what the garden portion will include and look like. Here is a basic layout of the park and property. If you are interested in helping or have some ideas email them to us at

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New bank to ledge ready for action!!

Big shout outs to Ben, Matt, Justin, Matt, Simon, Show Me Pools and everyone else who got dirty on this one!  Also a big thank you to William Weiss, Jasper Kahn and Pete Gunn from Evergreen skate parks for the extra assistance on there day off!!!