KHVT is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the construction of free public skateboard parks in the St. Louis, Mo. area, and to promoting skateboarding as a fun, healthy activity for both youths and adults.

KHVT was founded in support of the Kinghighway D.I.Y. skatespot, built between 2009 and 2015 by local skateboarders under the South Kinghshighway viaduct. When "the bridge" was demolished in July 2015, St. Louis was left with no free public skateparks. Since then, KHVT has built one new park, the Peter Mathews Memorial Skate Garden, and is working to create even more. Donations of time, labor, materials and money are welcome!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Fun day

Deltaco gets in the RED!!

Good weather = Good times!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

***Help us find new spots!!!!!***

We have been talking with local city officials about taking over some abandon spots within the city limits and building "skate gardens" on them! Our plan is to take these areas clean them up and turn them into functional skate areas! We still need more spots to submit, the more we find the better our choices! The original plan b spot is unfortunately a no go because its under an interstate which is controlled by the state and not the city.

This is what we are looking for....
Run down lots
within the city limits of St. Louis
existing concrete or asphalt is ok
dirt lots are ok
lots in more commercial or industrial areas are better for noise issues
areas that look very run down
city owned is preferable

With these factors in mind, take a look around when your driving around. Eye sore areas are the best spots because anything in its place would make it better! A physical address of something close and brief description will help the most. We have a very good contact at the city that is willing to work with us so either post the spot on KHVT St. Louis Facebook page or email them to us at! All submissions will be considered so get HUNTING!!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome back Big Red!!!!

Our future looks bright!!! Bridge sesh Sunday afternoon!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Get your KHVT gear!!!

Don't forget about getting some KHVT gear before the spring sk8 season rolls around! Proceeds go right back into St. Louis skateboarding in the form concrete and events through KHVT! Check our online store tab on the right> or if you are the type that needs to try stuff on roll by Jolly Roger Skate shop and check these fresh cuts out in person! Also feel free to drop your change or whatever spare loot ya got into the donation box!

westhoff park meeting number 2

If at all possible come to this meeting! The first meeting went well and we had a lot of good discussion/ideas. The park designer will be bringing two designs to this meeting and we’ll get to help finalize the design of the park. The Rad One blog

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help us out and take this survey!

This is a survey we created to gather useful information that we can present to city officials.  The more people we get to answer these questions the more valid our survey becomes so please take it and pass the word along.Skateboarding Advocacy Survey


Here is a great video from JLP! Bridge life forever! You can't stop it! We live it!!!

*** DOOMED ***

Check out this article from  STLtoday, Kingshighway Bridge to be rebuilt. Its sad news but we all knew it was just a matter of time. Look at it like this though, we have proven to the city that we need a place to skate. Even though it sucks we can turn this situation around and use it to our advantage! KHVT has been working on some new sites and will be approaching the city about a new park in the near future. Stay tuned for info. We are also in the middle of planning the next couple fundraising events so stay tuned for that info as well. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! We have proven that with all your support we can make things happen and we will continue to do just that! Lets make this a summer to remember at KHB and shred the old bridge to death! Literally!